The gModu Project

Welcome to The gModu Project!

The gModu Project is a small project started by TildeHash author Jacob Barkdull, the project exists to develop a PHP-based "modular" web page design. The concept is (and currently implemented on as) one "index" file that holds the website's design, e.g. its header, footer, tables, divs, images, and anything else used for the website's structure, but leaves the title, keywords, description, and body content empty.

All pages' title, keywords, description, and body content are stored in ".gmodu" files, these files exist to be included and phrased by the "index" file; the "index" file then uses the files to "fill in the blanks" and structure the websites pages.

Here's an example: home.gmodu

I am currently, cleaning up the code, writing documentation, tutorials, and demonstrations, respectively. As well as writing and packaging (.tar) the drop-in-and-go files. Proper source code is not available yet.
Sites Using gModu:
InaTux Computers