Jacob Barkdull - Freelance Web Developer & Musician

Jacob Barkdull I'm a Web Developer, a huge dork, a proto-nerd, and I love music and try to make it, too. I write tech, science and political articles for multiple publishers, online and rarely in print. I am also a strong advocate for Free Software.

My nerdiness started when I received an old web server from my father, as I became more and more interested in how the web technologies I used everyday worked. I began by teaching myself HTML, SHTML, CSS, JavaScript, and -- my favorite -- PHP. Later I started learning C/C++, Python, Perl, BASH, and others. I am, however, not a professional programmer in those languages.

I invite you to contact me for whatever you may wish to ask me (I've been known to write private tutorials for people who need help with something I have knowledge of.) I am also available for freelance!

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