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TildeHash is a website for tech articles revolving around Unix / Unix-like Free Software and operating systems, written by Jacob Barkdull and occasionally other contributors. Put simplistically: articles that discuss and promote Free and Open Source software, GNU/Linux (commonly known simply as Linux), BSD, OpenSolaris, or Haiku, respectively, and hopefully in a useful way. You can also find some simple software here, and many blog posts on the development of such software, as well as opinions about various GUI designs / flaws, and bugs in current software and the many simple challenges of developing such software.

Tilde(~) Hash(#) is a reference to being logged into the "root user" account on the common Unix shell program GNU BASH. For example, when I login as "root" on my Debian system, my screen reads "jacob-debian:~#" and I may then execute "root privileged" commands. I was originally going to call it TildeSlash, as a reference to the common Unix file pathname syntax shortcut "~/", which denotes the user's filesystem home directory on the command-line (GNU BASH). Unfortunately, that domain name was already registered.
HashOver 1.0.2, one for the Wingdings! Wednesday, March 16 2016
Wingdings HashOver

This is a bug fix release. It primarily includes fixes to problems many people have encountered using HashOver on Windows. There aren't any new features, as not even version 2.0 is focused on new features. Post Comment Read More
HashOver 1.0.1, the release that should not have happened! Tuesday, October 13 2015 This is a bug fix release. It includes fixes for problems many people have encountered and contacted me about since version 1.0's release, primarily PHP Strict Standards messages causing JavaScript syntax errors. There aren't any new features, as not even version 2.0 is focused on new features. Post Comment Read More
HashOver Official Version 1.0 Released! Tuesday, March 25 2014 HashOver was first announced in July of 2010, as a reinvention of Disqus, however, its development started March 29th 2009. Since its initial early developmental "release" it has matured enough for me to be comfortable making an official version 1.0 release and accept contributions. HashOver version 1.0 should be stable, reliable, and user-friendly enough for productive and constructive daily use. Post Comment Read More
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