Making a Change

Author: Jacob Barkdull on Monday, September 09 2013 Comments

I set out to achieve this "professional" look and feel with TildeHash; I set out to write about things I thought were important, and I now realize that not only am I terrible at writing professional quality articles but that I enjoy sharing random ideas, posting commentary and opinions more than writing "about something."

What I don't enjoy is evangelizing Free Software, but don't misunderstand, I am a Free Software advocate, I will always and only recommend Free Software. I enjoy sharing code I write in my "spare" time; I enjoy writing tutorials and posting screenshots of new software features. I've actually been meaning to write some tutorials for Cinelerra (motion tracking and neat cropping tricks.)

Preaching just hasn't been my strong suit, I guess.

I know people come here for articles about software, but I am also an aspiring musician, and I have often wanted to demonstrate a song's composition, effects, and how it was all mixed using Free Software (Ardour).

Though anything resembling decent mixing and sound quality is still a long way off, that is, nonetheless, something I would like to do in the future. However, because of this "professional"-software-only approach I took, I always feel like anything not totally software related will be viewed as out of place or unwelcomed and contradictory to what I've made TildeHash out to be.

So I'm making a change.

I'll keep all my old stuff up, but all my code will be given proper pages with explanations and usage instructions if necessary, the "randombits" page will be broken up into individual pages, the website will be redesigned, and a blog will be put in place (containing zero pictures of food), which will likely be syndicated to Tumblr. Basically, TildeHash will be restructured to eliminate the incessantly conceited professionalist attitude. Allowing me to post whatever I want without contradicting my own blazoned intentions.

Thank you everyone who subscribed to my newsletter! And I apologize to anyone who might view this change as a step in the wrong direction, but awesome and hopefully useful things are coming!
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