5 Ways Identi.ca is Better Than Twitter

Author: Jacob Barkdull on Monday, June 21 2010 Comments

Twitter popularized micro-blogging, indeed, but it isn't fair to say they started it. There are many other micro-blogging services, such as Tumblr, Plurk, Jaiku, and -- my favorite -- Identi.ca. What I like most about Identi.ca is its focus on software related topics (well, that isn't its intended focus, but its users' apparent focus.) That said, Identi.ca is also basically Twitter's liberated equivalent.

Here are a few things Identi.ca does better than Twitter:

Clever Usage Of Identi.ca's Pop-up Window in Firefox Here is how you can use Identi.ca's Pop-up Window feature without the need for a second window:

1. Bookmark this URL http://identi.ca/?realtime=1 (<username>/all?realtime=1 for your own timeline).
2. Once bookmarked, view the bookmarks properties and select "Load this bookmark in the sidebar"
3. Close properties. Click bookmark.

You will now have the realtime timeline open in your Firefox sidebar, but remember, you will have to be logged in for this to work. This is quite useful actually.
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