HashOver 1.0.2, one for the Wingdings!

Author: Jacob Barkdull on Wednesday, March 16 2016 Comments

Wingdings HashOver

This is a bug fix release. It primarily includes fixes to problems many people have encountered using HashOver on Windows. There aren't any new features, as not even version 2.0 is focused on new features.

New in this release
Fixed Support for HTML templates in different file line ending styles.
Fixed Now taking port numbers into account for referer checking.
Fixed More forbidden characters will now be removed from comment directory names.
Fixed Disabling avatars now removes avatars from reply and edit forms as well.
Changed Other small performance improvements and bug fixes.
Removed Both Identi.ca and Twitter avatar support has been removed. For performance reasons the `avatars.php` file has also been removed entirely to avoid unnecessary HTTP redirects.

Download HashOver 1.0.2 as ZIPTAR

Getting involved and helping out For non-developers and users the simplest way to get involved and help out is by using HashOver on your website and reporting any problems you encounter. You may suggest new features or point out missing features and functionality. You may also help write HashOver's documentation and make tutorials to help other people use HashOver. Of course, Flattring this page is also appreciated.

For developers the simplest way to get involved and help out is by cloning the hashover-next branch on GitHub and addressing issues in the areas mentioned there.
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